Requirements to apply for Equivalence are:

1. A well filled application form available at with all necessary information including an official email for the awarding institution.

 2. A notarized copy of final Certificate or Degree for which the equivalence is applied for.

3. A copy of admission letter offered by the institution that issued the degree for which equivalence is applied for.

4. A notarized copy of academic transcripts for each level studied.

5. A notarized copy of Certificate or Degree that served as the basis to be admitted in the level of higher education for which equivalence is requested (In case this certificate/Diploma or degree was awarded by a foreign HLI, this needs “Equivalence” too),

6. A copy of applicant’s ID card or Passport;

7. Applicants qualified in Medical related academic fields shall be required to have passed the professional exam offered by relevant professional bodies in Rwanda.

8. An invigilation letter issued by an accredited examination Body for graduates that studied through online mode of delivery.

9. Travel documents matching with the applicant’s period of study (Passport with VISA for Rwandan residents or residential permit for those who studied as residents in foreign country). For those who do not have the travel documents for different reasons, they have to provide the replacement documents issued by competent authority.

10. A job contract for foreign applicants working in Rwanda or an admission letter for foreign applicants studying or wishing to study in Rwanda.

11.A bursary/Loan confirmation letter and study leave for Rwandans who studied abroad on government scholarship.

12. PhD admission letter, copies of publications and a copy of PhD thesis (at least two) related to PhD thesis.


  • Disclaimer: to all levels of application, in case one’s information is found non authentic, HEC has the right to withdraw its offered equivalence.
  • Application is done online via no physical file is accepted.
  • Application documents that require notarization should either be notarized by a recognized Rwandan notary or embassy of Rwanda in the awarding country.
  • HEC receives equivalence applicants at the office ONLY on Wednesday and Friday every week.

For more information, contact. (+250)-786823101 or email:

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