It is a great honor and a privilege to welcome you to the website of Rwanda’s Higher Education Council (HEC). The council is charged with upholding quality assurance among higher learning institutions in Rwanda, to promote research and professional development, to support the match towards a knowledge-based economy.

I am very grateful to the staff of the Higher Education Council who developed the content that will inform our clients so that the Council will be able to hold our institutions of higher learning to the highest standards under the law.

The Council is conscious of the fact that we work in a competitive society and the standards of our institutions should reflect that fact. Our standards cannot be compromised as Rwanda’s young people try to compete for jobs within the East African Community and in the wider world.

We, therefore, invite you to join in our effort to inform the public about what we do to ensure that the Council and the institutions of higher learning in Rwanda fulfill their obligations to the public and especially to the generation that comes after us.

We thank you and appreciate your support.