HEC trains registrars and quality assurers from Higher Learning Institutions on internal Quality Assurance Mechanisms.

Rwamagana, November 18, 2021:  From November 17-18, 2021, Higher Education Council (HEC) is training Quality Assurance Managers and Registrars from all Higher learning institutions in the country to equip them with  skills on internal Quality Assurance .

The training aims at enhancing the awareness and capacity of the Quality Assurance Managers and Academic Registrars on ‘‘The Role of Internal Quality Assurance in Innovative Teaching and Learning in Higher Education’’.

While opening the training, Dr. Rose Mukankomeje, the Director General of HEC thanked the participants for dedicating their time to this training indicating that it demonstrates commitment to work together to deliver higher education that is fit for the Country’s socio-economic development and international credibility.

She urged higher learning institutions to deliver quality higher education programmes, undertake research, consultancy services, and community engagement to support the social and economic development of Rwanda.

“The training on internal quality assurance in institutions of higher learning in Rwanda is aimed at enhancing the readiness of our institutions to contribute to realization of the aspirations of the Government of Rwanda of transforming General and TVET higher education that is fit to respond to the country’s socio-economic development needs” She emphasized.

She said that the training is timely as the High Education Council is mandated among others to establish educational standards of institutions of higher learning and monitor the implementation of standards.

She reminded that the Ministerial Order Nº 001/MINEDUC/2021 of 20/10//2021 determining standards in education, includes Standards in Institutions of Higher Learning.

This has sections on Requirements for an institution of higher learning to be and bear the title of a University, a Specialized Institute, a College, or a professional institute, Infrastructure of institutions of higher learning, Teaching, lifelong learning, assessment, and professional development, Cross-border and transnational higher education, Open - Distance, and e-Learning (ODeL), Research, consultancy, and academic programmes, Institutional audit and program accreditation among others.

‘‘HEC conducts institutional audits, reviews, and monitors the extent to which institutions of higher learning comply with the established education standards,” Director General of HEC reminded, noting that in the recent past there were cases of non-compliance which led to either suspension or closure of programmes or institutions.

The disruptions caused by the Covid-19 required among others resilience, innovative or alternative quality assurance Practices while aiming to achieve the fundamentals of internal quality assurance prior to the Covid-19 Pandemic and therefore the Training is themed: The Role of Internal Quality Assurance: Teaching and Learning in Higher Education,” 

After this training it is envisaged that the participants will be able to share best practice, challenges, possible solutions on IQA, provide inputs to the draft guidelines for IQA mechanisms in Higher Education, enhance awareness of the different perspectives of internal quality assurance structures and procedures, enhance innovative teaching and learning and others.

The participants will be equipped with general and specific skills to ensure effectiveness of existing internal quality assurance structures and appreciate the benefit of peer review practices to ensure internal   quality assurance.

Prof. Cyeze Emmanuel, Director Quality assurance at the Adventist University of Central Africa (AUCA), who is among the participants, welcomed the training saying that quality education is at the heart of economic development for the country.

“For a country to develop, it must develop quality education. The training will help us a lot to look at what will improve the quality of education we deliver and take new measures to comply with set up standards,” he said.

Dr. Odette Uwizeye, the University of Rwanda Registrar said that the training will help them to ensure the university issues qualified graduates on the labour market. “This requires quality assurance in education,” she said.