Knowledge, Education, Learning and Teaching: Meanings and Relationships, by Dr. Erasme Rwanamiza
This is an epistemological article of international scope embedded in historical and cross-national perspectives which draws on the author’s ideas and analysis of varied scholarly production from Europe, Africa and the United States. The (...) more
Researching Assessment of Students’ Learning in Higher Education through Case Study: Example of a Case Study Research carried out on the Kigali Institute of Education [KIE], Rwanda, in 2002-2003, by Dr. Erasme Rwanamiza
This case study carried out in 2002-2003 on the Kigali Institute of Education [KIE] not only finds formative assessment weakly practised but also establishes that KIE lecturers and students are not satisfied with the way assessment is practised (...) more
Assessment of, Quality of, and Accountability for Students’ Learning, by Dr. Erasme Rwanamiza
This paper is a brief discussion of assessment of students’ learning as an indicated means of quality control, which cautions against the current damaging tendencies such as the tendency to quality industry, the tendency to spending on futility, (...) more
Assessment and Study Strategies, by Dr. Innocent S. Mugisha
The motivation for studying assessment and study strategies is related to my interest in the quality of learning, which is a major concern today all over the world. In Rwanda, it is particularly emphasized for example, in the Education Sector (...) more
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