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Apply for equivalence
URUTONDE RW’IBISABWA USABA ‘‘EQUIVALENCE‘‘ 1. Kuzuza neza form isaba equivalence iboneke kuru rubuga rwa internet: cg se ku biro by’Inama y’Igihugu y’Amashuri Makuru mu Rwanda. 2. Impamyabumenyi/impamyabushobozi usabira equivalence (...) more
Access related glossary
Academic Awards Academic awards mark the outcome or successful completion of a course or programme of study that leads to a Rwandan qualification such as a degree, diploma or certificate. The National Higher Education Qualifications Framework (...) more
Carry out institutional audit
Institutional audit is a quality assurance review process that focuses on the procedures a higher education institution uses to assure its academic standards and quality. It evaluates how the institution satisfies itself that its chosen (...) more
Obtain quality guidelines
Definitions relating to quality assurance Quality Assurance: This refers to all the systems, resources and information devoted to the maintaining and improvement of standards and quality. It covers teaching and learning opportunities, student (...) more
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