The main responsibilities of the Board of Directors of the Higher Education Council shall be as follows:

-  To design accreditation standards and norms applicable to different Higher Learning Institutions and to supervise their implementation. Among such standards and norms shall be those of teaching and research staff, those relating to financial management and organization structure cycles of teaching, types of academic awards in Higher Learning Institutions;
-  To monitor the execution of the budget;
-  To compare, evaluate and confirm academic awards that are delivered by foreign higher learning institutions and those delivered in Rwanda;
-  To provide advice on main issues of education in higher learning institutions including those issues concerning creating, merging and closure of such institutions;
-  To approve strategic plan and annual plan of action;
-  To prepare the organization and functioning for the administration organs of the Higher Education Council;
-  To draft the internal rules and regulations of the Higher Education Council;
To approve annual budget proposal of the Higher Education Council;
-  To approve grants and donations that are accorded to the Higher Education Council in accordance with the existing laws;
-  To recruit the personnel in accordance with the law;
-  To evaluate and approve activity reports of the Higher Education Council and
-  To monitor the administration of the Higher Education Council.