The Executive Director oversees not only the overall management of the council, but also advises the line minister on matters relating to higher education in Rwanda. The following are the core responsibilities:

1. To guide the Board of Directors in their governance functions, and ensure the implementation of the decisions of the Board.

2. The overall organisation, management and staffing of the council.

3. Advising the Minister in Charge of Higher Education on all matters relating to Higher Education pro actively and reactively including on the development and \implementation of policy

4. Corporate responsibility for leading the development of the vision and mission of the Council and bring it to the Board of Directors for final approval.

5. Corporate responsibility for ensuring that the performance contract, strategic plan, annual implementation plan and the budget and financial report are developed and brought to the Board of Directors for approval.

6. Corporate responsibility for strategic relationships with Government ministers, educational and other establishments.

7. Corporate responsibility for external fund raising.

8. Line management of the Assistant Directors and the Internal Auditor.

9. At the end of every financial year preparing and submitting to the Board a report on the operations and audited accounts of the Council;.

10. Corporate responsibility for the staffing establishment, the jobs and person specifications for all roles and for the recruitment, selection and promotion policies and process.

11. Overseeing the operation of a system of Staff Development and Performance Review.

12. Ensuring the welfare, discipline and good behavior of all the staff of the Council.

13. Ensuring the full implementation of the Higher Education Laws as they relate to the role of the National Council for Higher Education.

14. Represent the Council in the wider community and in international fora. 15. Such other appropriate duties as may be assigned by the Chair of the Board of Directors.